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    SW run out of memory when jumping between configurations  !!!

    Pedro Benlloch

      Hello all !


      I am working on a product, with quite a lot configurations (I've done with tables...). 

      It is a cable distribution tray, you can see in the pictures, with several different widths and heights.  Each width and each height has particular pattern of holes. (Suppress & desactivated suppress features, and different dimensions values,  depending on configurations)

      On top of that, it has been done as a sheet metal, as I need the flat pattern.


      Then the issue:   When I change from one configuration to another, after a couple of times, SW RUNS OUT OF MEMORY, and automatically closes !!!!!   It is crazy !!!


      My RAM: 4GB.     My Graphic:  NVIDIA QUADRO.


      Any suggestion ??? Is there any way to optimize this part in such a way that I could jump easily from one configuration to another, without running out of memory continuosly ??


      Thank you very much in advance !