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Polygon representation of circles when exporting as DXF/DWG

Question asked by Nick Inoue on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by Jimmy Blanchard

Hi everyone :-)


I am running Solidworks SP3 2013 and trying to export a 2D design as a DXF which has been sketched in the 3D representation area. The only problem is that some of the splines and the outer circle is not expressed as a continuous curve and instead as a very rough polyline when exporting as a DXF. Of course I have messed around in the DXF "options" changing all the logical parameters like "high Q DWG export", "Export splines as splines" and using the latest version R2010 and older versions like R14. The issue is still there.


I read that perhaps changing the image quality in "document properties" might help, but still no luck.


Come on Solidworks, I have bigged you up to my peers, don't let me down! Pro-Engineer does not have the same issue!!


Best Regards