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    Creating Skateboard Molds?

    Jim Prater

      I'm working with a local highschool on building skateboards. The students will be designing the entire board up in solidworks and then pressing the boards, creating a CNC toolpath and then cutting them out. I have used the tutorial from http://www.cudacountry.net/html/sw_skateboard.html and have had no problem creating the model. My problem is creating the male/female molds to be used in their hydraulic press. I get to a point where I loft the entire surface of the deck but it is only as wide as the board (9"x33"), but I need to somehow extend the surface to be about an inch or two longer in every direction to accomodate the pieces of wood that will go into the press (12"x36") which will be trimmed down to size on the CNC.


      Is there any way to create say a 12"x36"x5" rectangle and then cut my surface into it, but have the concave and shape extend out?

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          J. Mather

          You should be able to use the Mold tools to do this direclty.


          Mold Tools.png


          Right click on any tab to load the Mold Tools.

          There is a Tutorial to show how to create a simple mold.


          If you have trouble figuring it out - attach your sldprt file here.


          I attached an example file.

          Note that there are 3 solid bodies in the file.


          Your problem will be slightly different in that you don't have a planar split line.

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            Jerry Steiger



            You might be able to use the Replace Face command. Sketch a rectangle that is 12"x36". Use Extrude Surface to make a body with four sides that is 5" deep. If you have four faces on the sides of your skateboard model, you should be able to Replace each Face by one of the sides of the Surface Body. You might have to use Split Line to make four faces if you only have one or two.


            Another possibility is to go back into the Feature Manager for your skateboard and change the way you build it. Make it as a Sweep or Extrude that is 12"x36" in plan view and then cut it to the required shape in the plan view.


            Jerry S.