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API-EPDM IEdmSearch7 - How to return only the latest results?

Question asked by Robert Maillet on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by Jens Zeumer

hello, first post, prob. posting in the wrong section. Question: I have a small Add-In that I am working on and I am trying to find all files that match a certain variable.


I have a variable called ECN and I want my search to return all latest versioned files that match a certain value, but my results include all versioned files. This wouldn't be so terrible if I had a way of checking if this is the latest version, then I could filter it... but the result object seems to have latest version/ID info.


My search result object ID/Version properties both list the latest version in the vault, but that is wrong. For example, when I do the search in EPDM... the version that is found is 57 (Found in Version) when the latest is 66. My API object version says 66 (see attached image)


Question: What is the best-cleanest method of running a search on EPDM and returning only the latest files? Again my search result object seems wrong... the version and ID are both the latest.


The basics of my code:




search As IEdmSearch7

search = v.CreateSearch

search.FindFiles = True

search.FindFolders = False

search.AddVariable("ECN", ECN)

'search.AddVariable("Search Previous Versions", "0")'thought this may work... took it from the search card variable list


Dim sr As IEdmSearchResult5 = Nothing


sr = search.GetFirstResult


Do While Not sr Is Nothing


     'do a bunch of stuff


     'sr.version=66 (wrong this is the latest version)

     'sr.ID=1952 (wrong... this is the latest ID)

     sr = search.GetNextResult



Any ideas?


Search Image.jpg