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    API-EPDM IEdmSearch7 - How to return only the latest results?

    Robert Maillet

      hello, first post, prob. posting in the wrong section. Question: I have a small Add-In that I am working on and I am trying to find all files that match a certain variable.


      I have a variable called ECN and I want my search to return all latest versioned files that match a certain value, but my results include all versioned files. This wouldn't be so terrible if I had a way of checking if this is the latest version, then I could filter it... but the result object seems to have latest version/ID info.


      My search result object ID/Version properties both list the latest version in the vault, but that is wrong. For example, when I do the search in EPDM... the version that is found is 57 (Found in Version) when the latest is 66. My API object version says 66 (see attached image)


      Question: What is the best-cleanest method of running a search on EPDM and returning only the latest files? Again my search result object seems wrong... the version and ID are both the latest.


      The basics of my code:




      search As IEdmSearch7

      search = v.CreateSearch

      search.FindFiles = True

      search.FindFolders = False

      search.AddVariable("ECN", ECN)

      'search.AddVariable("Search Previous Versions", "0")'thought this may work... took it from the search card variable list


      Dim sr As IEdmSearchResult5 = Nothing


      sr = search.GetFirstResult


      Do While Not sr Is Nothing


           'do a bunch of stuff


           'sr.version=66 (wrong this is the latest version)

           'sr.ID=1952 (wrong... this is the latest ID)

           sr = search.GetNextResult



      Any ideas?


      Search Image.jpg