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BOM containing components from different assemblies/views

Question asked by Tom Arthur on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by Tom Arthur

Does  anyone know  whether its possible to have a BOM which lists components from more than one assembly (same sheet), in the same BOM.

My issue is that I have a BOM linked to the main exploded assembly. However, next to this view  I have a more detailed exploded view  of a sub assembly (which is part of the main assembly). My BOM is 'top level', linked to the main assembly. But I want to add the items in the sub assembly to my BOM... how  do I do this?

If i change my BOM to 'part level', it picks up zillions of parts which I don't want in the BOM. I thought that by bringing in a specific sub assembly as a seperate view, i would be able to isolate these parts and add them to the BOM.

Make sense?

Any help would be much appreciated.