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Cut part and then weld using sketch.

Question asked by Bruno Fernandes Braguetto on Sep 18, 2013
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I need to model a container which is an assembly of some metal sheets. But I was asked if it was possible to do it as a full model, and then cut it, so I can use the same sketch as a reference to the welding. This would prevent me from having to selecting every single weldment individually.


I tried to use the Divide function, but I need to use surfaces and select them all. This is not helpful, because I need to select every single one of them either way. And it generates Body01 to something like Body50, which is a lot.


Using the Split Line function, I managed to do it in one go, but then I can't even weld, as they are not really separate bodies.


And there's one more thing working against this. The container is in a circle shape, and a Metal Sheet can't be defined as a circle. It need to be an arc with 359.99°. But then I can't weld it...

Please, help me.


I'm including a screenshot of the container, as an assembly, so you can see what I'm trying to do.


EDIT.: Anyway, the real problem is, can I do it? Is it possible to use a sketch as an weldment reference?

Even when I try to do it on simple extrusion it doesn't work.