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SW'13SP4 takes ages to start solving

Question asked by Wolfgang Grzesik on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hello, I'm still trying to get this copy of SW to work fluent and charming but it seems to take ages. Heres my main problem right now:

After changing some parameters in my static simulation like adding gravity and so on SolidWorks doesn't start the solving process like usually. It meshes the model and then it takes like 6 or more hours until it starts, doesn't react at all looking like its crashed until that point.

CPU is at 8% usage and it only uses 1,5 gb RAM of 32 gb so it doesn't seem to overload the computer.


Maybe you also have an answer to some of my secondary questions: It doesn't save the simulation results. Even after I changed the path where the results are saved to, it shows me the message: Database not found. after restarting SW. This is quite annoying. Even more I had several times when meshing the error: cwmeshproc closes due to error.

Another point is, that it doesnt change the model colours when I change them. For example I did colour a layer with a white material and it stays grey.



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