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    Requirements for writing an eBook/tutorial about SolidWorks/DS products

    Catalin Mihai Rotariu

      Hello to everyone,

      I am kindly asking about any information regarding legal matters on writing eBooks about SolidWorks.

      I am planning to write a set of step-by-step tutorials regarding different topics in Solidworks. What I want to know is:


      1. Do I need special approvals from SolidWorks to use product screenshots in my eBooks?

      2. I am not planning to use the actual Solidworks logo in the books but in case I will want to use it on my website to whom should I speak to?

      3. Am I allowed to sell these tutorials on my website afterwards or I need special approval to be able to sell eBooks on Solidworks?


      Any help will be highly appreciated!

      Thank you very much in advance!

      Have a great day!


      Best regards,

      Dipl.Ing.Catalin R.