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Replace weldment profile and maintain relations?

Question asked by Joseph Dunfee on Sep 18, 2013

Since 2014 adds a new feature that helps you keep assembly relations intact when modifying a part sketch, I was wondering if this would have any benefit for weldment. 


In the past, if I had a 2"x2" profile and wanted to change it to become a 2"x4", all downstream assembly mates to that weldment component were lost. This is even if the two profiles were created from a single copy, so that hopefully the line entities of the profile maintain their internal I.D.'s. But, apparently the I.D. for the faces were created at the weldment level, and choosing a different profile would blow that out of the water.


Since my work with weldments is a few years old, it is possible that the new ability to maintain relationships would help the above situation.


Anyone here know if this true? I am on 2013, so I can't test the 2014 abilities.


-Joe Dunfee