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    problem whit export in solidworks!!

    Marco Spiniello

      hello to everyone!

      sorry for my question which to many may seem stupid and trivial!

      I've found at a site (GrabCAD) some files that I was interested and completely free for my personal project (small project model)! the problem arises here. I use Inventor Fusion, nothing to do with solidworks! But I can not import the file. sldprt! and the only way is to convert them to import STEP files.

      For days and days I'm looking for a solution to be able to solve this problem, with converters compatible programs, you are my last hope!

      I saw the prices of solidworks, and are not accessible to me.

      I would ask if someone willing could re-save me these files, they are about 13, but a few kb are heavy!

      Sorry for my English! I hope I made it clear!

      I will post a link to the file to edit!




      (i have put the files in a folder! only to press download)

      thanks in advance for the help!