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Importing data into EPDM - delete duplicate files

Question asked by Chris Manger on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Peterson Janes

We are importing some legacy machines into EPDM.  These machines are in a single folder, with all parts.  Some of these parts are existing parts in EPMD located in our "Parts Library".   So when the legacy folder is copied into EPDM, the check-in flags a large list of parts as "File name is not unique.".  The user then has to manually delete these files from the folder.  


Is it possible to automatically delete all files that are flagged as not unique? 


I tried exporting the list to Excel then running a macro I created that deletes files, but the macro cannot find the files.  (Ex.Kill C:\EPDMVAULT\MACHINE1\1234.sldprt)    I suspect this is because the file isnt really in that folder and/or the database controls the file location in EPDM.