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When creating multiple configurations, the weights in custom properties zero's out.

Question asked by Steve Zimmermann on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2013 by Steve Zimmermann

I have messed around with every setting I can think of but I and everyone else here are stumped on this one. We deal with parts that change in manufacture as they are machined and when we track these in the configurations we need to calculate the weights as they move down the line. ( SEE PICTURE)


Should be: Weight Saw= 114, Weight Raw Bef HT = 75, Weight Bef Split = 47, Weight at Split & Assy = 39, Weight Aft Split = 33


When the custom properties are created as shown, some zero out and others remain. Even if you cycle thru the configuration list, double clicking each in order, giving mass prop time to refresh... no dice! Other times if you are in both the part file and the drawing, and the part file is closed, the weight on the drawing zero's out. Has anyone else com across any of these issues? Please help!