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    Enhancement request (created under the title, Sheet Sets)

    Mathew Stevenson

      Ideas; Add a new file drawing format (file example *.sldshs). How it works, Open file, add all

      separate drawings of a project to one project drawing file for printing, reviewing and

      such. We make each part on a different drawing and the drawing name is the file name

      but as a full project could be in many, many places, it takes time to print the full project.

      Some drawings (parts/assem.) are used in other projects also so we need to do it in this

      way and not use drawing tabs / one drawing file for the full project. We only use tabs if

      more than one sheet is needed to add details to the part or assembly. “Sheet Sets” would

      be like an Assembly BOM but with physical SW drawings that have them housed all in one

      place and open in a new tab system so it’s like opening a group of paper prints. Option to

      add a separate Title Page could be an option.


      Please vote for this if you like, search "Sheet Sets" when making an  Enhancement request