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Limitations of variables on data cards

Question asked by Craig Lalumiere on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2013 by Einar Gulbrandsen

Has anyone seen limitations of variables on data cards? I have run into a wall where if I use over 30 different variables I have problems. The EPDM Explore window and SolidWorks Add in work ok where you can see and toggle the data card with no issue. But when you right click the file in the explorer and choose properties and select the data card tab it hangs up and takes down EPDM, the Explorer and SolidWorks if you have it open. With the message “EPDM has encountered a problem”


I do not have any add ins running on the card and am currently on EPDM 2012 SP5.


This is something that is very repeatable if I have more than a certain number of variables it “crashes” if I have less it’s all happy.


Any Ideas?