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Solidworks crashes while updating Assembly

Question asked by Kandasamy Raja on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2013 by Jim Peltier


      I have been using solidworks 2011 for my design, I am facing few issues while trying to update my entire assembly by using a design table.


     I have created an assembly with nearly 50 parts and 5 sub assemblies. Each and every part and subassembly is linked to their respective excel through design table. I will modify the dimensions repeatedly for this assembly so only used design table. I will change the dimensions in all the excel sheets, and then i will open the main assembly file.

While it start updating each and every part in the assembly, few times it couldnt able to update properly or it gets crash. I couldnt able to find the actual reason for this problem.

System configuration is also a decent one with i7 processor and 16 gb ram with external graphics card. Please help me in this issue....