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Scan to 3D - Dead END?

Question asked by Jamie Barber on Sep 17, 2013



What i am trying to do is scan a pressed part, convert it to a surface & use that surface in a Trumpfs- Tru Tops software for 5 axis laser cutting of a trim edge.

Ultimately in the end i want an exact 3d model of the pressed part.


I have been trying to understand the best way to use the scan to 3d add in on solidworks 2013.


I have a scan that has been scanned with geomagic & a faro arm. This gives me a .wrp file that is then converted into point cloud & saved as an .igs file.

The file is approx 64MB, has 1309254 points. I have no problems loading the file into solidworks, but from there on i'm pretty stuck.


The part has been scanned up to the corner of the particular face but not around the corner/edge. When i use the Mesh Prep Wizard, I am pretty much just clicking the arrow through as i figure any reduction or simplification is affecting the edges that i need.

Point Cloud to Mesh.png

The next step is where i hit the wall.


On using the Surface Wizard, Automatic Creation I get Jagged edges & on using the Guided Wizard I am getting a shed load of surfaces that I expect I should be trimming to suit? The problem with this is I cannot Trim to the boundary edge, these extracted 'faces' are not follwing the mesh profile and also some area's of the mesh are not being converted into a surface?


Does anyone have any advice on the best way to acheive this?


I have attached a copy of the .igs file i am using to see if anybody else can possibly point me in the right direction.


Thanks in advance for any feedback on this.