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ePDM - Does anyone use it catalog hard copies

Question asked by John Tonks on Sep 17, 2013
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This is my first post to this forum however I have been "lurking" for a few weeks now as the the company I am working for has tasked me with converting the document management system over to ePDM.


This forum has been really useful for answering a lot of questions that I have had thus far, however, I now have a question about what could be a somewhat unconventional use of a application like ePDM.


Along with all of our CAD files which we want to manage, we have a large number of hard copy only documentation which we would like to be able to classify and subsequently search for in the same manner as our CAD data.


Has anyone here ever faced the same challenge and if so, how have you addressed it.  My initial thoughts were that if ePDM requires a file that it associates a data card to, then what I would do would be to create a txt file with a filename that follows the drawing naming convention, then to use a field on the data card to document the physical shelf location where the document is stored.


Any thoughts or guidance would be a great help to me






Ballarat, Australia.