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Pictures dimensiones are different from photoshop after putting it into SW

Question asked by Kevin Neske on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by John Burrill



I am trying to calculate the CG of my FSAE car from the CGs of the parts of the car like eg the engine, driver, etc.


I have a sideview picture of a car with some of the main components in it.



I dimensioned it in PS to the actual size. I took the 300 OD black circle and scaled it up to actual 300mm in PS.

Than I integrated the upscaled jpg picture into a SolidWorks Model

but now when I measure the circle and other dimensions, they are of by 31%.

Which basically means the picture in SW is just 69% from the picture I made in PS.


Could you tell me, what I need to do so that Solidworks doesn't scale down my pictures

as soon as I put them into the sketch?


Anhang C Massenschwerpunkt.JPG

That's the picture I made in SW, with the CG locations of the major assemblies.