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Origin moving on its own

Question asked by Lapo Lapo on Sep 16, 2013

= Long version =

I had a part, basiaclly a big cylinder with hundreds of holes, based on a semifinished product.

One of my job is to make different versions of these cylinders (different size and number of holes)

Sometimes to make a new version I also change the semifinished product which it is based on.

Last time I did it every sketch (they are around 100) lose it reference plane and I have to manually change them all, the problem is that origin move as well.

All these sketches were placed on the top face of the cylinder, which is placed in the top plane: basically top plane and top face are the same.

All these sketches are referred to top plane, all their origins have moved, except for the first sketch.

The strange part is that every time I change reference sketch plane by switching it between top face and top plane the origin move, as you cane see in the screenshots.


= Short version =

I have a lot of sketches placed on the same face.

This face is on the top plane.

All these sketches on top face lost their plane references.

Referring all of them to either top face or top plane make the origin move, everytime I do it.




This is the only sketch whose origin did not move (and where all sketches should have their origins).




Example of lose reference (it should be referred to top face, but it is missing and labeled as **Missing**Plane<1> instead of **Missing**Face<1> )




Here I referred this sketch to top plane




Example of moved origin (I changed its reference plane to top face)