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Filling Volume via Motion Study

Question asked by Dan Wolfe on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hi all,

I am trying to fill a case with a tri-bead like object... many of them. I don't want them to be patterned, but rather fill the case as if they were dropped in so that they fill it "randomly." I read up a little on using motion study to do this, however, I am running into some problems. This isn't my finally assembly of the model, more or less a test model of me messing around with it. I created a case, with a funnel like top to drop the beads from. Inserted about 20+ of the tri-bead parts, added a motion study with gravity in the y direction, and contact with the beads and the casing.



1) Is there any way I can reduce the computing resources of the motion study? I can only insert about 30 beads or so then it will crash. That being said, when it crashes my comp is only using 3 GB of 16 GB of RAM and 27% of the processing power, so I am a little unsure as to why it is crashing.


2) Is there a way to add in a lot of the bead part that I am trying to fill the case with other than copy pasting?



Maybe I am going about this all wrong? I am somewhat of a SolidWorks "newbie" :-(. If you know of a better way of going about this I would really appreciate it this! It is for my thesis research!


Thank you all!




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