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Need Help moving PDM Works to another computer

Question asked by Bruce MacDonald on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by Bruce MacDonald

We are running Solidworks 2007 on 3 computers in a small company with the PDM Works vault on the smallest computer. We stopped and backed up the vault so that we could move it to a much larger and faster computer. That all went fine, the faster computer was updated with the vault. The vault works fine on the new computer but the issue is that the other two computers can't access the new vault. On login we tried changing the vault computer to the name of the new computer but all we get are access errors or the system just gets hung up trying to access it. The original vault was on computer bm_dell under the c:\VaultData. The newer computer is ralph_t3400 under c:\sa\VaultData. The vault in both the old lacation and new location have been started back up and I followed the short and brief directions from the Solidworks help menu on moving the vault and its documents to a new server. I am not a network savvy engineer but it should be fairly easy to do but I am looking for any suggestions that would help? Thanks, Bruce