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    Input Formula for Description Concatination

    Tim Mrazek

      We are in the middle of a EPDM implementation and until about 1 Hour ago I was to believe that one field cannot be set to update with the the current values of certain fields. I have come to find this is not true. We are designing data cards with the details that the engineers would be using to describe the part and create a description. We have many different types of parts and require a complex description builder. Prior to learning about this feature I was going to design a SQL query that pulled the information I required and created a data export for my ERP system to concatenate the information. This would be a complex setup and am glad that input formulas exists, as I think it will solve my issue. I have having configuration roadblocks though.


      Say that we have a main raw part category of Cord and sub categories of Conductive and RTD. Under those categories there are details that differ greatly (Shape - Conductive, Calibration - RTD). I would just put the variables in the input formula box, lined up in the correct order, but the value is not descriptive enough, as there is no descriptor of the value. Example: CORD, Conductive flat SJOEW 150 120 16 copper yes 8 2 none

      These values need a description, but with the RTD sharing the same data card, and many other categories are like this, it would be impossible to put a string value in a position if it will not represent a possible value for all parts of the cord category.


      Any help is appreciated

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          Tim Read

          Hi Tim,


          Firstly, on the question of having a field set up to update with the values of other fields. It cannot be done such that a field will update with the data from another field automatically UNLESS edited on the datacard directly. It won't work if the fields are updated in a Workflow Transistion or if changed in another application (SolidWorks).


          You can achieve what you want with a fairly simple datacard if there are only two variations but if it gets much bigger than that then your datacard will become quite complex...


          Some notes that may help you.


               EPDM will use the values from the datacard that are active (hidden input boxes are still active but only one tab is active).

               You can set up Tabs on your datacard that are controlled by a variable or a list (not EPDM Categories)

               You can duplicate the input boxes on each Tab to vary what inputs are required

               If you set up an input formula on the active Tab to concatenate the values then you can have differing formulas.

               If you need to set a value to "" then make sure it is on the active Tab, Set to "" and optionally hidden using Control Logic.


          I think you can see how this will get quite complicated... Best of luck!