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    Modify instances in an existing linear pattern

    Tyler Greer

      I cannot figure out how to do this:


      Here is an example:


      I have some existing linear patterns of some holes in a pipe.


      I want to be able to vary the distance of certain "instances" of these holes.


      I know I can do this in the feature manager, but I need to be able to do this using the API.


      I found this excellent Solidworks article on how to "Create a linear pattern" from scratch and assign different spacing to specific instances.




      The problem is that I am using complex parts with several linear patterns already created that have feature driven patterns relying on them.


      I do not want to have to create these linear patterns and feature-driven patterns from scratch when I already have them created and set up.


      I just cannot figure out how to "Modify the spacing" or "Skip instances" for these existing linear patterns using the API.


      Solidworks picture I sent to message board question I asked about how to skip instances and change spacing in linear patterns.png


      Any help would be greatly appreciated