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    Macro from macro will not continue code

    David Seebauer



      I am stumped on a macro in a macro problem.   I have a macro that is making a bunch of drawing changes to go from one system to another (changes to custom properties, formats, etc.)  One of the last steps is to swap out the drawing formats to new standard.  From my macro, I am calling the macro, TemplateSwitch (thanks Lenny Kikstra) to do the format swaps.


        swApp.RunMacro "Y:\Macros\TemplateSwitch.swp", "MainTemplateSwitch", "main"


      Trouble I am having is that when the format swaps finish (multiple sheets) and I hit the Close button in Lenny's macro my original macro does not complete it's code.   It just stops along with the template macro.


      I have tried editing the template macro to Hide the form rather than End it.   I have also tried adding  (vbmodal and vbModeless) to the show form method in the template macro.  Neither made a difference (except vbModeless makes the form inaccessible).


              FormTemplateSwitch.Show (vbModal)                          ' Yes, read file


      If anyone has any thoughts, I would love to hear form you.  I have a lot of drawings to covert and the macro speeds the process up quite a bit.    It's just the last bits of clean up I need to get working,


      Thanks in advance!!