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Adding a Label (Decal) to a conical container

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by Scott Baugh

I know how to add a decal to a SW model, I am stumped on what SW is doing when you use the  Mapping "Label" when you apply a Decal.


I have a Container that has a break tab on it. Under that tab I have Decal that says "To Open...." I need that portion of the label to reside directly underneath the tab. THe problem is SW has this invisible line that auto cuts off the label and it just disappears into no where... You cannot control the location of this invisible line. I tried Changing the standard Orientation of the model and I tried rotating the body and no matter what I do that invisible line shows up directly in the middle of the Break Tab. I did use a split line to split the outer face to create 2 separate face, but that in turn causes rendering issues on the Decal side.


I am currently working in 2012, but I also tested this in 2013 as well and its the same problem.... this is crucial issue for us as we use Labels for renders to our customer all the time and I think our VAR is stumped on this as well.


Without the Split Line:

Without Split line.jpg

With the Split Line:

With Split line.jpg

I tested this making a quick part and revolved it on a 4.5 degree draft and added a decal from the SW default list and the same thing occured, so its not file specific. But I need a way to move that Mapping Label cutoff line so it does not interfere with decal placement.... Does anyone here or at Solidworks have a Solution???