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Macro Enabled Design Table?

Question asked by Alex Brewer on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2013 by Alex Brewer

Hello All,


I am working on desgning a solid model template for a particular part my company uses. It has many, many dimensions that need to either be reviewed or changed by the part creator. I wrote a macro that would do the trick for what I wanted, but now when I go to save the design table, the code I've written is no longer there.


I've seen other solutions posted that involved external design tables or linking one excel sheet to another. Since this is going to be used on many different machines across a disjointed network and by many different people  of varying computer ability, I'd like to keep it down to a single part file with the design table embedded, because I will be the only one supporting this in a rather large company.



So if there is a trick out there for getting VB code to stick to a design table, I'd greatly appreciate any help. If there's a SW method without buying DriveWorks, I'd love to learn.


Thanks in advance!