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Problem: Files going into a 'blocked' workflow

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by Brian Dalton

I have several workflows which are 'blocked', such that no files can be placed into their initial states.  I do this to organize a complex workflow into several smaller workflows, and the only way a file can go into a 'blocked' workflow is via a workflow link from another workflow.


I block a workflow by placing a filepath condition on it of the form '!=%'.  This is done in the properties of the workflow so that it affects automatic transitions into the initial state.  I've used this method repeatedly and it has worked fine for over two years.


Now, suddenly, I have files going into such a blocked workflow.  There is a different workflow specifically designed for these files to enter on initial checkin, but for unknown reasons new files do not go into the 'open' workflow, but instead go into the blocked one.  AFAIK this is impossible, but it happens every time.


I'm hoping someone has seen a similar malfunction and can point me in the direction of fixing it.  For the time being, I've created a workaround by adding an automatic transition out of the 'blocked' workflow and linked into the 'open' workflow.




EPDM 2012 sp4

Win 7