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    Edrawings Augmented Relaity - Ipad 3 graphics issues

    David Harris

      Guys, I wanted to demo the AR of edrawings, and grabbed one of our company ipads. They are Ipad 3, but it suffers from really bad screen tear... the image leaves a trail all over the screen as you move the model.


      Basically its unusable, so I tested on an Iphone 5 and all was fine. Is AR not suitable for ipad 3? I would have thought it was up to it.


      Is there anything I can change? Ive not checked what firmware the ipdas are on, but the likelyhood is that its not been updated in a while. Before going to that trouble I wanted to check if the hardware was up to the job.


      I tried even using the stock samples and still had the same result.