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Terminal block implementation

Question asked by Dan Kriesch on Sep 12, 2013

New to SWE, and have a pretty good handle on the workings (making symbols, lines, generating reports, tweaking Title blocks, etc.)


For some reason, I can't seem to properly illustrate/define a distribution type terminal block (one terminal block, with 4 ports, all same potential (internally connected/jumpered). Ideally, I'd like to say I have power coming in on the first port of block one, and then disperse power to ports 2, 3, 4. Has anyone else had similar issues? In a distribution block, I can drop lines (3 phases for example) on the same page.


In this case, I have (for example, 0 VDC) that may span several pages. Ideally, I'd like to drop in a terminal block symbol, and designate that particular junction as "Terminal block X, port Y"  for proper Terminal strip build and BOM generation.


Any support appreciated. Terminal strip used is a Weidmuller p/n: 1608570000, or ZDU 2.5/4AN, FEED-THROUGH TERMINAL, DARK BEIGE, which is already in the library and defined. I've played with the term properties "Level" and "Acc. Terminal" values, no luck.