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    SolidWorks 2014 - Limit Mates and Flexible Subassemblies

    Don Van Zile



      In SolidWorks 2014 we’ve enhanced flexible subassemblies so that if limit mates are used within them (i.e. a Cylinder subassembly with Min and Max Stroke limit distance mate) and another mate constraint is used at the top-level the corresponding limit mates will not go over-defined so long as it’s within the range of the limit.  This should greatly improve many machine design workflows.


      Simple example where the cylinder is flexible and an angle mate is used at the top-level for an exact position.

      9-12-2013 3-29-09 PM.png

      9-12-2013 3-32-29 PM.png


      ... and here's a more complex example where many of the same flexible cylinders are used and the flexible subassemblies are nested.


      9-12-2013 4-02-14 PM.png


      9-12-2013 4-03-44 PM.png



      Below are just a few older posts examples that this should directly address.