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Archive Files cannot find them!

Question asked by Network Administrator on Sep 12, 2013
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Recently I had a few of the engineers here where I work at come to me with a problem. They were working on some Solid Work files the other day then came to work the following day to find a majority of the files Archived. However when using the PDM Admin tool there is no option to restore the files and the location that the archived files were supposed to be in did not exist. The ArchiveDirectory folder was never created. So essentially they cannot continue their work because it says these files are Archived but they are no where to be found. Not sure if anyone else has seen this issue come up, I tried calling Solid Works support and they told me they have never seen this and that unless we can find the location of where the files are archived there is not much they can do. Even going into Archive Project then going to the option Restore, nothing shows up which is weird because that leads me to believe they are in fact not Archived but when looking up the project it has (Archived) next to it... Any help would be greatly appreciated!