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    Having Issues with ScanTo3D, topography point cloud.

    Stefan Berkower

      Hey All,


      I am atempting to create a model of a mountain range based on a point cloud. Ideally this will turn into a solid, however getting it to be a surface is the first step.


      I am able to import the point cloud and mesh, however when I use the surface wizard to create the surface it results in an "invisible surface," it says its created but there is nothing but a shadow.


      I have attached the point cloud if someone would give it a try.


      Any help here or any other methods to get a surface/solid from a point cloud would be greatly appreciated!





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          Scanto3D has a great tool for this (Scanto3D comes as an addi-in with SW premium) in that you can automatically create 2d curve sections thru your Point Cloud. First you need to  bring your topo into SW at the proper scale. I doubt that you will be able to bring it in full scale since SW has a limitation of a total size of 1KM. So you can use the ScanTo3D scale and orientation tool to get it into right scale factor and orientation. Next, you can use the Curve Wizard to automatically generate a section of curves "slicing" thru your topo, just like a real topo map (be patient - it takes quite a while to generate). If you want to proceed to 3D then you can use the curves to extrude to 3D "layers" on top of each other.