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sub-assembly is set to flexible but cannot move parts

Question asked by Roma Pas on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by Roma Pas

hi, i'm trying to make a motor of an air compressor move.

see attachment.

i set the component properties of the dynamic part to flexible, but if i click 'move component' or just try to move the

motor by moving the connecting rod or crankshaft with the mouse by left clicking and dragging, it doesn't work.

if i attach the flexible assembly to the static assembly (with mates) at only one screw point, then i can still move the flexible parts (eventhough they will rotate also outside the static part then, but it seems to be working),

but as soon as i attach it on 2 screw points, nothing is able to move anymore.

"Selected component is fully defined. It cannot be moved."

what am i doing wrong?

if i remove some of the mates between the crankshaft and the bearing this also doesn't help. it seems to need some constraints.

if i move the crankshaft bearing from the dynamic assembly to the static assembly this also doesn't work.

please help!