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I want to see a temporary column in my BOM telling me what materials are selected from the library.

Question asked by Jay Andrews on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by Jay Andrews

I know I know, there are problems with using this to populate a BOM with material.  But in my case, I am only using it as a temoporary error check, so I know all of the components have materials assigned so I can trust my mass calculation.  When I finally release the drawing, I will hide that column in the BOM. 


I know if I enter it as an equation, $PRP:"Material"  it will return the value for the custom material property.  But that is not what I want.  I want to know what material was selected in the feature tree material library, for each part. 


Anybody know a way to achieve this, even if they think it is a bad idea?