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Flow sim API question - ApplyParametersFromFile

Question asked by Dan Hofstetter on Sep 10, 2013

Hi all,


Another Flow Sim API question.  According to the API help file, for FDAProject::ApplyParametersFromFile:  This method gets new parameter values from xml file.  I have successfully used FDAProject::ExportParametersToFile to save the flow project parameters to an XML file, and I can open that file for editing, but after saving it and trying ApplyParametersFromFile nothing seems to change.  Below is the section of the XML file I want to change:


<FeatureNAME value="Initial Condition 1"/>


<PS_Parameters index="8">

  <IsVisible value="1"/>

  <Name value="Hydrogen Sulfide"/>

  <ParameterID value="cb58563b-6365-4a43-9479-f03ffbaeddfe"/>

  <Type value="300"/>

  <Units value="32"/>

  <Value value="0.01"/>

  <ValueGreaterEqual value="0"/>

  <ValueType value="2"/>



I want to change <Value value> from "0.01" to "0.0001" but nothing seems to happen when I save the new XML file and run the following code:


Sub ApplyParametersFromFile()


    Dim NCA As New NIKCommonApiLib.BaseApiObject

    Dim IA As NIKCommonApiLib.InteractiveApplication

    Dim MD As NIKCommonApiLib.ModelDoc

    Dim MC As NIKCommonApiLib.ModelConfiguration

    Dim FDA As NIKCommonApiLib.FDAProject


    retval = NCA.LoadProductAPI("Srac\Flow Simulation 2013\API SDK")


    Set IA = NCA.Attach2RunningObject

    Set MD = IA.ActiveDocument

    Set MC = MD.ActiveConfiguration

    Set FDA = MC.GetFluidDynamicAnalysisProject


    FDA.ApplyParametersFromFile "e:\new1.xml"




End Sub


Can anyone help with this?