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How to set up a new AutoActivation.xml file?

Question asked by Michael Joneskog on Sep 11, 2013



I'm trying to use the auto activation function in the Administrative Image Option Editor.

When i check "Activate automatically when each client installation completes" i get the option to browse for a file or creat a new. Up untill this year we've used the SNL license server so i dont have any licens fil of this sort from before. So i chose to creat a new one, when i do i get a popup that want an E-mail: after that nothing... when i start the installed application it halts at an error and that error says:

09/11/13-14:15.38,ERROR,swactwiz.exe,auto,Answer file "D:\SolidWorks Admin\SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0\64bit\swactwiz\AutoActivation.xml" is missing tag "LicenseRequest/RegistrationStudent/RegYearOfGraducation"


Editing the AutoActivation.xml file will only caus it to get a bad checksum... So how is this done?