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College Student: Trying to simulate an impact of bike rim

Question asked by Jacob Hall on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Hello Everyone, I have read a lot in the forums and have not found a solution so I figured I would make my first post.   I am a college student with not a lot of experience so I apologize if I ask for more detail regarding specific directions.


I am trying to simulate and compare a few different bike rim designs and find which one would have the strongest wall/design with impacting a curb/steel beam/ ect.


I have modeled out the design into a 10" extrusion and have tried doing drop tests on the part with a second "steel impact part" in a drop test but my results are not giving what I am looking for.  In the "Impact Test" photo you can see that I did a drop test and had a Displacement of the rim of 1.22mm into the "Steel head".  However, when doing other simulations, I don't feel I am getting the results I would expect.  I am trying to determine which rim would have the best impact resistance with a beam/curb hitting at 25ft/sec.


Is drop test the correct simulation?  Or am I way off?  Thanks a lot!!!


Note: The "BikeRim and Curb" photo was when I tried doing a static impact with two fixed sides.