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    Two questions regarding taking CSWA

    Tofo Fo

      1. My lab has computers that have solidworks 2010. Can I use solidworks 2010 to take the latest example?

      2. The computers that have solidworks 2010 are also connected to expensive research equirements, so my boss does not allow them to be connected to internet. I saw the following from  a website. Is that true?


      Have a good computer set up. Since much of the exam will be spent looking at drawings of a part and recreating that part in SolidWorks, it will be extremely useful to have the drawings visible while you are modeling them. Because of this, a dual screen set-up is ideal so you are not constantly switching between the exam and your SolidWorks window.

      If dual screens aren’t possible, the next best thing is to use two computers, one for the virtual tester and another one for SolidWorks. If you use this solution, keep in mind that there might be part files you need to download for the assembly modeling component of the exam. You should have a flash drive handy to quickly transfer the solid part files from one computer to the other.


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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SolidWorks forums Tofo.


          Yes you can do that i.e. have one machine with Internet and use other to give the test. The only thing you would need is some kind of medium (for e.g. pen drive) to transfer data between the two machine.


          Apart from this I'm not sure if new test would  require to download files or not (if not then you're all good with using two machines). The other thing would be to check if you need latest version or can use SW2010 itself (can not comment on this)


          You might also find this post helpful for your future reference.