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    SetCustomProperty: syntax matter

    Pierre Vergneault

      Hi everybody,


      Has anyone already used the document manager "SetCustomProperty" method?


      I keep on getting a syntax error message, though I think my code is correct:


      Dim myType As Long
      Dim myClassF As New SwDMClassFactory
      Dim myApp As SwDMApplication
      Dim myDoc As SwDMDocument16
      Dim myConf As ISwDMConfiguration13
      Dim myDocPath, ConfName As String
      Dim errors As Long



      Set myApp = myClassF.GetApplication("xxxxxxxxxxxxxx")


      myType = swDmDocumentPart

      myDocPath = "C........."
      Set myDoc = myApp.GetDocument(myDocPath, myType, False, errors)

      ConfName = myDoc.ConfigurationManager.GetActiveConfigurationName
      Set myConf = myDoc.ConfigurationManager.GetConfigurationByName(ConfName)
      myDoc.SetCustomProperty("Prop1", "Val1")
      myConf.SetCustomProperty("Prop2", "Val2")

      Each time I type one of these lines, VBA requires a "=" sign.

      According to the API help, my syntax is correct, I don't see where the problem is...



      Tanks for you help