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Assembly settings for BOM's

Question asked by Dean James on Sep 10, 2013

I am preparing some standards for our engineering department and I wanted to see if you all agree with my ideas.  In regards to the use of the Hide, Show, and Promote settings, these are my thoughts.


Hide - This would be used for assemblies that we purchase.  The assembly would be flexible, but I never need to see the components in a BOM.


Show - Would be used for all of our assemblies and weldments that we manufacture.  This would allow us to use Top Level, Parts Only, or Indented BOM's as they

             were intended to be used.


Promote -  This would be used for Phantom Assemblies.  The assembly would not have a part number and would not need a drawing.  The components would show up on all

                  bills of materials that the sub assembly goes into.