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    What is Really New in SolidWorks 2014 - A Video Series on How To Use the New Enhancements A Bit Different...

    Alin Vargatu

      I have been playing with the BETA version of SolidWorks 2014 the whole summer and I can tell you that I like it a lot as a user!


      I am really happy to notice that SolidWorks continues the BACK TO CAD trend started next year, by adding a lot of new tools for creating or modifying geometry. As a result, we (myself and my friends) decided to start another video series on how to use these new enhancements a bit different than what the help file and the official videos show.


      Since the feedback for the What's Really New in SolidWorks 2013 Video Series has been positive, we will keep the same format and will even try to keep the promise of posting a video every day (at least for the first month).


      This morning I published the introduction of this series, containing my Top 20 favorite New Enhancements pertaining to mostly the CAD portion of SolidWorks. My friends will follow shortly with their favorite enhancements in Simulation, EPDM, Composer, Electrical and other areas of SolidWorks.


      I will update this article as we start posting the videos, so you will have links to those videos.


      Please read the first article by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.