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    Automatic tagging of part to main assembly

    James Lee

      I am looking for an automatic way of tagging the part to the  main assembly. Each part has to be tagged to the main assembly using ID number. 


      Part can be used on multiple locations and can have tag number like ID 1-2 which means the part is tagged to location 1 & 2 on the main assembly.


      Tagging is used for  manufacturing side for assembly purpose.


      Is there a way to do it? I am thinking of using EPDM data card and assign the ID to the variable but it is not automatic but manual.

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          Jeff Sweeney

          You are talking about the native SW tagging feature?


          That is a very interesting idea, I think it would take a SW macro to accomplish.

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            Andries Koorzen

            Hi James.


            What would be the criteria for tagging? If it is only location, I don't see how you would be able to do it automatically, since the software would have to be able to 'know' the location


            Is there some other value that can be checked to determine what the tag should be?


            Also - could you explain what information the manufacturing department needs? I.e. if a part is used in multiple locations, are we talking about things like bolts and nuts here? That would be a good example of parts being used in multiple locations. Only potential problem I see here is that the data management can quickly become a job on its own, which is something we all try to avoid


            IMHO it would be better to plonk down an old PC on the floor and have eDrawings installed with minimal vault access. But of course that needs to go through a whole approval process by itself