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Modelling Compression of a rubber block

Question asked by Christopher Hardy on Sep 10, 2013
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My names Chris, I am a beginner to SolidWorks simulation, my apologies if I use any incorrect terminology or assumptions.

But can someone please help me with a current project I am working on.


I am currently trying to model a rubber block being compressed by 2 metal plates (from top and bottom). I have attained raw stress-strain curve data from physical experimentation to

represent the material's non-linear elastic behavior.


So as of now, these are the things I have done to the model:


1) Draw the physical rubber block

2) Added forces of 1N @ the top and bottom of the rubber block, with a time dependancy using "Variation with Time" to represent the 2 blocks compressing the rubber. (force will be multiplied by the supplied time curve Y value)

3) Changed the Study time properties to match real life experimentation time

4) specified material properties with "Nonlinear Elastic", Poisson ratio 0.4995, Thermal Expansion 0.0002/K, Mass Density 358 kg/m^3, Tensile Strength 13789514 N/m^2


The only thing left which I do not quiet understand is the constraints I need to place on the mode, Can someone please help me with this ?

And please let me know if I left anything important out.


Thanks for your help


(Attached is the rubber block that needs to be compressed: Top/bottom face dimension = 150mm x 50mm)