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    Sketch dimension display quality

    David Hurayt

      Can somebody point me in the right direction to the switch that controls the display of sketch dimensions.


      As an example if I have a sketch open and I "zoom to fit" and move my mouse button away real slooooow, I get nice crisp lines and test.Capture1.JPG


      However as soon as I:

      1. move of the zoom button
      2. pick a dimension
      3. move to fast
      4. etc.


      most if not all the dimension lines and text turn blob-ish.



      And at different levels of zoom, different dimensions and part of dimension (text, dim line, ext line) change back and forth from blob to clear and back.




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          Anna Wood

          Looks like you are getting a delay on refresh.


          What video card and driver do you have in your system?  Is it the approved version for your version of SolidWorks and computer hardware?




          Try toggling On.... Tools > Options > System Options > Display/Selection > Display Dimensions Flat To Screen





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              David Hurayt


              Please note, I am a computer software user, not a computer guy, if any of those ones or zeros gets out of place I am lost, but with that said when I open up the control panel it tells me I am using an NVIDIA Quadro 2000.  I says driver 311.15.


              When I ran through the link you sent it says driver and seems to indicate evereything is good based on the green check marks.


              Also the setting you suggested did clean up the dimesnion text but the lines turn back and forth beteen crisp and blob.


              The magic black box is Dell Precision T3500, Win 7x64, SW 2013x64 SP4.0


              Any other idea ???






              I seems like this began when we went to SW2013