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Edrawings has stopped working in html browser

Question asked by Mads Peter Jensen on Sep 9, 2013
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I am hoping that sombody out there could help me. I am using a edrawings for showing solidworks files. And I have succesfully used the below shown web page in a Internet Explore Control in my application. This has worked fine, but for some reason, it has stopped working now.

The Edrawings installpacket install correct, and I am able to open and show the solidworks file in standard E-drawings.

The script when the page is runned, the script return an error saying: "eDrawing undefined". For me it looks like the browser is not able to start the eDrawings control from the classid. I have search the classid in registry, and it show that its refering to "EModelView.EModelNonVersionSpecificViewControl" which I find correct.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong?





SolidWorks view.



<BODY LANGUAGE=javascript onload="loadDocument()" SCROLL="no" style="margin:0px;padding:0px;background-color:white;font-family:arial; color:black; font-size:70%">


<OBJECT id=eDrawing CLASSID="clsid:22945A69-1191-4DCF-9E6F-409BDE94D101" STYLE="height:100%; width: 100%" codebase=",0,0,623">



<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">


function loadDocument()



var sURL=window.document.URL.toString();

var fileName="C:\Users\MPJ\Desktop\belt pulley.SLDPRT";

var arrParams = sURL.split("?");


  if (arrParams.length==2)


  var arrKeyValue=arrParams[1].split("=")


    if (arrKeyValue.length==2)









    fileName=fileName.replace(/%20/g," ");






  if (fileName.substring(0,1)=='/')



    if (fileName.substring (2,1)!='/')


      fileName= '/' + fileName;





  if (fileName.length>2)


      eDrawing.OpenDoc(fileName, false, false, true, '');