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Display States - Sub-assemblies not staying hidden

Question asked by Jeff Meszaros on Sep 9, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2013 by Steven Jones

I am working on a drawing right now to detail the hydraulic component layout of a machine.


I have two display states that show:


  • machine with hydraulic components
  • hydraulic components & specific parts of the machine for mounting hydraulics (most of machine is hidden)


Whenever I make changes to one display state it messes with the other display state (ex. I hide an assembly in the 1st assembly, and it's sub-assemblies show up in the 2nd display state). Also when switching back and forth between display states, they are not displaying the proper components until rebuilt (100% of the time).


There are 3 top level assemblies, and parts that are hidden are usually 2-3 levels down. I am unsure if this is an issue, or if there is another way to set this up.


It seems we have trouble with display states frequently, and this can translate to random floating parts in the drawing (typically mutli-page drawings and issues are not always caught).


Has anyone else run into this issue, and better yet, found a solution?