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Tolerances shown in dim's

Question asked by Joe Kuzich on Sep 9, 2013
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I am taking over on a drawing for someone and need to dimension a few parts.  The dimension he has been using are coming up with a tolerance indicator at the right of each dim.  They do not have a set value as it is not needed for what we are doing so it reads: Dimension then +.0000 over -.0000.  He has been putting in the dim's like this then changing them (turning off) one at a time.  This will drive me bonkers, but I can't seam to find the right option to turn it off.  I thought I did under Options/document properties/dimensions/tolerance... but when I click on it tolerances are set to none (like I think I want them) and not to bilateral (like I think they would be to give the results I'm seeing).  I switched them with no change but don't see anyplace else to turn it off.  Am I right in thinking this is where I need to turn it off?  What am possibly doing wrong?  Did I give enough / clear explanation?  Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated.