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    Wrong workflow used EPDM 2013

    Jaspal Singh



      Enterprise PDM 2013, when I copy a Solid Works part file into the vault then check it in the state says "Vaulted" not what I expected, Word docs checked in goes through the workflow.


      It picks up on the category that it is a cad file however; it seems that it is using the default workflow "documents"


      Any help please...

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          Laura Whittle

          Do you have your conditions set up in the workflow properties?


          Circled is the file extension that can go thru the workflow.


          If a file is in one of the highlighted yellow folders or specific file extensions not allowed in this workflow to start with.




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              Josh Killalea

              Sorry to bump an old thread, but i have started having this issue in the last few days.


              our cad workflow had been working perfectly for the last few months, however i have been making a lot of changes to permissions and groups in the last few weeks.


              we have an initial "file creation" state that then transitions to an "in concept" state and a "drawing" state. i hadn't touched the initial "file creation" state or the 2 transitions out of there though. these were all set to "all users" group, as were the "in concept" and "drawing" states. "all users" had pretty much all permissions to do all things except destroy and set group permissions.


              it had been working fine since those changes were made. now just in the last day or two it has started playing up and sending everything to the drawing state. i hadn't changed anything there though. the only thing i could see was that in the categories the file extentions didn't have the second % at the end as in the screen shot above. but even after adding that the models still go to drawing state. i have also tryed adding the group i am in to the states and transitions and giving all permissions and then checking something in, and no joy. still sends stuff to "drawing" state.


              i have also noticed that some files that we have in our library folders are going to the drawing state. in stead of going to the "librbay" state like they should, we have a seperate work flow called "library", but it only has one state called "librbay" and i have no idea how EPDM "knows" to send a part that is in the library folder to the "library" state. (apparently neither does it any more....)


              any help would be greatly appreciated.

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              Ravi Teja


                    As laura Suggest put the condition on WF and also make sure you have rights on Initial State to Add File.







              Ravi T