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    Question regarding content search in EPDM

    Wayne Lehman

      We have recently started to populate our EPDM 2013 SP4 vault with live data, but I seem to be having problems with the search function within EPDM.


      When I search the vault on a client for a particular string - say "Quality*" - which I know is included in the txt of at least one Word 2010 .docx file, I get zero results. If I search for file names or folders, the search is successful - it is just content search that does not seem to work.


      Am I correct in assuming that the default Microsoft Indexing Service should be able to search Microsoft Office files for file content? I have checked our indexing on the EPDM server and everything appears to configured correctly.


      We also are putting in a lot of .pdf files into the vault. How do we go about adding a iFilter for Adobe so that we can search content of .pdfs?


      Any help gratefully received.