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hole wizard from mother sketch

Question asked by Francesco Boltin on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by Anna Wood

Hi all.

I'm confident with mother sketches and derived parts.

This is my workflow: in the derived part I make a new sketch and I write over the mother.In this way the new sketch and the mother are linked.

I know that this is useful for few lines and arcs at time and when i don't need to change the shape of the object,but for me is enough.


I get a problem when I need to make holes with the wizard...

In the mother sketch I have a lot of points (~5000) and I want to use them as reference for the holes in the derived parts.

The previous method isn't adequate,it's not possible to write over thousands  points in several parts....

So,how to use the sketch in the mother part as reference for the holes in the derived ?